With a payment slip, your money reaches the right place

When you make a payment, it should be reach the correct recipient and account. For the recipient, in turn, it is important that incoming payments from customers are traceable, so that no unnecessary reminders are sent. A payment slip ensures these requirements are met. It is a bank form for the transfer of funds to a payee's account.


Payment slip is included in the invoice

Customers must pay for the goods and services that companies offer. If this is not done on-site in cash or if the company has an authorisation to debit, the customer will usually receive an invoice, which often comes with a payment slip. This is the case when you order a product online or in a catalogue, for example. These payment slips are normally neutral forms without bank names. The customer is free to use this payment slip as a transfer form, or to make a cash payment or online transfer. If the purchaser pays cash into the company's account using a payment slip, he does not need to have his own bank account. However, it should be noted that most banks charge high fees for cash payment with payment slips. It is therefore advisable to use the payment slip for a transfer from your own account to the recipient's account or to transfer the amount online.


Filling out a payment slip made easy

Typically, companies attach pre-filled payment slips to their invoices, which already show the recipient, invoice amount and reference. If this is not the case, you must obtain an empty payment slip and fill it out accordingly. Proceed as follows: enter the name of your own bank and its location at the top left. Right next to this, there is space for your bank's sort code (BIC). If you do not know it, you can find it on your bank statements or bank card. Under these details, enter the bank account of the respective recipient. This is the beneficiary, i.e. the company you currently owe money to. Underneath, there is space on the left for the account number of the recipient, and space for his bank's sort code on the right. Enter the name of the payee's bank on the third line. In the next field, enter the amount to be paid. Remember the decimal point between the euro and cent amounts. You can simply cross out the fields you do not need. Below that, state the reference. This indicates the reason for the transfer and should be as clear as possible. For this, enter your customer number, invoice number or any other reference number you can find on the invoice. Finally, enter the name of the account holder, meaning your first and last name, followed by your own account number (IBAN). At the bottom, you confirm the payment with the date and your signature.


Payment slip in the "BZÜ procedure" (electronic funds transfer)

Some payment slips contain machine-readable sections. These are for the BZÜ procedure, the paperless payment slip transfer process. Instead of a reference, this payment slip will have a  verification code consisting of twelve digits. The BZÜ procedure allows companies to automatically match incoming payments with the outstanding items. The information is directly imported to the accounting system. Payment slips for the BZÜ procedure contain an explicit note that the payment slip is being processed automatically and that additional details or amendments cannot be made. This note should be taken seriously. If the reference is changed manually, the payment slip is no longer recognised as a BZÜ slip and is sent to the company as a normal transfer, which must be specially processed. This can lead to delays in payment transactions.


Request a payment slip from a collection agency of Arvato Financial Solutions

If you have received post from infoscore Forderungsmanagement GmbH, a Arvato Financial Solutions collection agency, it is likely that a payment is outstanding and your creditor has appointed us to collect it. If you would like to settle your debt now, it's important that you make your payment to us, not to your original business partner. This is the only way to ensure that your debt collection case is handled quickly. You can request a ready-made payment slip via our customer service. You then enter the required details and receive a payment slip via email, which you can submit to your bank to transfer the money. This ensures the secure posting of your payment.