How do I get a "infoscore subject access request" from infoscore Consumer Data GmbH?

For data stored about you, and any scores submitted to enquiring companies, you can obtain the "infoscore subject access request" from the credit agency infoscore Consumer Data GmbH (ICD). For this, please write to infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, Rheinstrasse 99, 76532 Baden-Baden. To obtain an "infoscore subject access request", you must contact the company by either post or fax. You will not receive the "infoscore subject access request" by telephone because you cannot clearly identify yourself over the phone.


Which details do I need to provide in the application for an "infoscore subject access request"?

In your letter, tell infoscore Consumer Data GmbH your first name, surname and birth name. Also include your current address and, if applicable, any previous addresses. Your date of birth is also required.


What can you learn from an "infoscore subject access request"?

With the subject access request, consumers find out what data is stored about them in the system of infoscore Consumer Data GmbH. In addition to details such as name, date of birth and address, this can also include negative information about payment history. An entry in the district court's record of debtors or an enforcement order are some of these negative features. An "infoscore subject access request" will also contain information on the scores relating to your person, which the credit agency had sent to enquiring companies, provided that these had a legitimate interest.

These scores claim your credit rating and for companies they serve as a prognosis of future behaviour. Will you pay on time? Are you creditworthy? These measures allow companies to avoid any risks regarding new or even existing customers. A payment default can cause considerable damage to a company. It is also of interest to you,  how infoscore Consumer Data GmbH assess your current credit rating.


What does an "infoscore subject access request" cost?

The "infoscore subject access request" is free-of-charge once per year. As per the Federal Data Protection Act, each user is guaranteed the opportunity to obtain a free subject access request from a credit agency such as infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, once a year. If you need a second subject access request in this calendar year, you may incur costs.

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