You are looking for the email address for infoscore debt counselling?

If you received a letter from infoscore Forderungsmanagement GmbH, a creditor is asserting a claim against you as a debtor. This may raise a few questions for you. For clarification, you may contact us via the online portal at, the contact form, by phone or post.


Which email address is the right one?

The debtor will find the appropriate contact option for Arvato Financial Solutions debt counselling  on the letter he received together with the request for payment. He will be given all necessary contact details such as telephone numbers. If you have specific questions about individual receivables, please only use those contact details.

As an alternative, make use of the contact forms at Besides the contact details, this is where you can put questions to us. Where necessary, infoscore Forderungsmanagement GmbH will contact the sender by post. With the relevant data, you can also register on .There you will find information on claims against the consumer, which can be viewed online at any time.


Contact by email, telephone or online portal?

How you choose to contact the Arvato Financial Solutions debt counselling is up to you. It is important for open questions to be resolved and the collection case closed as soon as possible. Information on debt counselling as well as general articles on topics related to debt collection, credit rating and scoring  are available on the website.The lexicon is always available to you around the clock. Here you can find useful information relevant to your case.