General conditions

In Germany, collection agencies may only act and work as such once an official licence was issued in accordance with the Legal Services Act (RDG). The jurisdiction on issuing licences varies for the different federal states.


Before the Legal Services Act came into force, collection agencies could only take out-of-court action. This changed with the introduction of the Act on 1 July 2008: henceforth, collection agencies may arrange default notices/enforcement orders and take appropriate enforcement measures.

For years, infoscore Forderungsmanagement GmbH has been working with partner law firms (Rechtsanwalt Rainer Haas & Kollegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and Kanzlei Freitag - Kohlmann - Hansen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH) when it comes to a transfer to the legal dunning procedure. These law firms are members of the bar association in Freiburg and licensed as law firms with limited liability in Germany.


Legitimate debt collection

Collection agencies often have a bad reputation. Time and again, loud accusations are made that they are after profits in an already financially weak environment.

It should be pointed out that collection agencies help companies to obtain money for a service rendered. These are justified claims. It also protects consumers from even higher prices in the event of excessive bad debts, and secures jobs in the respective companies. Both you as a consumer and the economy benefit from this.

Besides their professional practice and communication, evidence of a legitimate collection agency is the affiliation with larger associations, such as the Budesverband Deutscher Inkassounternehmen e.V. (Federal Association of German Debt Collection Agencies or BDIU).

The collection agencies of arvato infoscore are all members of the BDIU. BDIU member companies are subject to strict, voluntary self-regulation by the Association. This regulation goes far beyond the statutory minimum requirements for collection service providers. The BDIU was established in 1956. Today, 560 collection agencies are members of the Association. They recover the receivables of more than 500,000 clients. Together, they hold a volume of receivables of more than 24 billion euros, and every year they have funds of around 5 billion euros flow back into the economic cycle.

Legitimate collection agencies, like the Arvato Financial Solutions companies, work in this way

For more information about the BDIU see:

We see ourselves as a mediator between creditor and debtor. Hence the agreement between creditor and debtor is paramount for us. It is not our goal to stoke fear. On the contrary, we would like to provide you, the debtor, with a (often the) last chance to clear your debt before legal proceedings are initiated. Seize the opportunity and resolve open questions here through our service portal or by phoning our Service Dialog Center.